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At Whispering Pines Eventing, we take pride in helping develop confidence and skills with each of our clients. We undersand each relationship between Horse and Rider takes its own time and is unique .We provide a positive, welcoming, fun & safe learning atmosphere. Riders of all ages of all riding levels are welcome. We offer several programs to choose from.

We look forward to working with you & your horse.​

Services //

Horse Boarding:

*12' x 16' Stall in Custom MD Barn with Shavings 

*2 Feedings/Day or Custom Feedings, if needed 

* Hay(Bermuda/ Alfalfa/Teff) Provided.(Other feed upon request)

* Grain (You must provide Supplements or other grain if desired)

* Daily Stall Cleaning / 1-2x

*Barn Security

* Daily Turnout 

*Grass Turnout

*Polylast Barn Flooring

*Rubber Arena Footing

*Tack Room Space

*Access to Trails

*Blanketing Included ( Blankets must be provided)

                                       Horse Training:

Full Training-$400

5-6 Days of the week your Horse is ridden and trained by Kiera. Lessons and Show Coaching are included in the cost. Each day is productive and planned in accordance to the Horses Heath and with your goals in mind. 


Schooling Ride:

Schooling/ Tune-up rides upon request

Riding Lessons

Private Lessons with Personal Horse

45-60 Minutes

Dressage & Jumping


Private Lessons with Lesson Horse

45-60 Minutes

Dressage & Jumping


Group Lessons with Personal or Lesson Horse


Competition Coaching



Horse Sales:

Trying to sell your horse?

Whispering Pines Eventing offers services in both buying and selling your next horse. We will help you, no matter the level of you or the horse. Please contact us for more information.

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