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Kiera Sargent

Trainer & Instructor


Kiera's passion for horses began when she was just a little girl in Tri-Cities, WA and dreamed of having her own horse. Her dream came true when she was 12 years old and got Duke, a handsome National Show Horse. Duke was a challenge, as he was young and untrained, but Kiera was determined to make him her partner. She joined the local Pony Club, competed in WAHSET and went to state several times and learned from experienced trainers how to train and care for her horse. Together, they grew and improved, forming a bond that lasted for years, to this day.

But Kiera's ambition did not stop there. She wanted to explore new horizons and test her skills in different disciplines and venues. She acquired more horses, each with their own personality and potential. Tally Rose, a spirited Thoroughbred, Laconic, a quirky Thoroughbred who excelled to top placings at every event , and more.  Kiera competed with them in various shows and events, traveling across Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Utah, and even Canada. She always aimed to do her best and have fun with her horses.

Kiera also sought to learn from the best in the equestrian industry. She worked as a working student for top professionals such as Meika Decher, Erin Kellerhouse, and clinicians like Bernie Traurig, Don Sachey, Yves Sauvignon, and more. She gained valuable insights and experience from them, as well as made connections and friendships. She also worked at high-end OTTB rehab and retraining facilities, where she helped give retired racehorses a second chance at a new career and life.

Kiera's story is one of love, dedication, and adventure. She is always looking for new opportunities and challenges to grow as a rider and a person. She hopes
to inspire others to follow their dreams and enjoy the journey with their horses.


Whispering Pines revolves around Education & Safety. They can not emphasize enough that regardless of of how accomplished you are as a Rider and Horseman, there is always more to learn and there are various methods to achieving your goals. Kiera is excited to help Riders achieve their personal goals and feel proud of their Education and Accomplishments. Each Rider and Horse are unique are require their own customized program. 

*2013 USEA Young Adult Training Rider Champion *2013 Area VI Training Level High Score Horse Reserve Champion

Property Owner & Managers

Scott & Karlyn 

Scott & Karlyn are the Owners of Whispering Pines Ranch. They love spending time outside on the Ranch and with their Large Family of 7 Kids & 23 Grandkids. Karlyn has been around horses since she was 16 years old. She owned her first Horse, Brandy and would ride on the Trails along the Columbia Gorge.  While she was never able to compete, she looks forward to continuing her Education and Riding Skill in the years to come.

Scott is an Engineer and also enjoys his time out of on the Ranch. You can count on him to always to give the horses attention, while working on various projects around the property.

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